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The alternative rock internet band The Verge just finished with the first album. You can download it on this website for free. Songs, which are not included on this album, can be found in our discography.

Our music is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND. Please contact us, If you want to use our music for broadcasts, videos, websites or commercial purposes.

The Verge -
Something you did not know

Release Date: 01/09/2020
Genres: Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Pop Rock, Blues Rock
Songwriting: Horace D., Nadine de Macedo, ibzstrat, The Witness, Martin S., Martin B.
Production: Nadine de Macedo
Instruments: Horace D. (guitars, bass), ibzstrat (guitars, synthesizer), Nadine de Macedo (piano, synthesizer, bass)
Programming: Nadine de Macedo (synthesizer, bass, drums), ibzstrat (drums), Horace D. (drums)
Vocals: Horace D. (clean), The Witness (shouts)
Lyrics: Horace D., Nadine de Macedo, The Witness

01. Change Your Mind (03:01) 💾
02. The walls are tumbling down (04:03)
03. Smash (vs. The Witness) (03:19)
04. Open ended cue (03:23)
05. Angel's Calling (03:40)
06. Turning back to you (04:14) 💾
07. Haunted (03:41)
08. Let me go (04:30) 💾
09. September (05:08) 💾
10. Two Sunshines (05:02) 💾
11. Walking through the pouring rain (04:47)
12. When I'm gone (03:42)
The Verge - <br>Something you did not know
The internet band The Verge wrote more than 12 songs in the past years. This alternative rock album includes some previously unreleased and brand new songs. You can 💾 download our alternative rock album for free as zip file.

Thanks to everybody who helped and supported us. You can find the full credits in our booklet of in our discography.