Nadine de Macedo feat. I AM MEADOWS - Dorian Gray
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Dorian Gray – The human abyss

Our new song “Dorian Gray” tells the story of Oscar Wilde’s classic novel “The picture of Dorian Gray” as an epic progressive metal hymn. A must-have for everybody who digs djent and shouts! This song is eerie and heavy.

Turning a novel into a song

I didn’t plan to put one of my favourite novels, “The Picture of Dorian Gray” into a metal song. It just happened while working on a djent song in dorian mode. The chorus popped into my mind and worked well with the story of Dorian Gray. So I decided to tell Oscar Wilde’s novel and focus on the dark sides of the story. I didn’t want Dorian to be a naive hero, when I always felt like he’s a narcissistic psychopath. Therefore, this song should be super heavy.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

If you haven’t read the novel… One day, Basil paints a portrait of the rich and handsome Dorian Gray. Lord Henry falls in love with the picture and wants to meet Dorian in person. He influences him with his hedonistic lifestyle. Dorian realizes his beauty and wishes, that his portrait ages instead of him. After some infamous actions, Dorian finds out that his wish has been granted. He lives a wasteful and hedonistic life, and does everything he wants to do, leading to the murder of the painter Basil. The world around Dorian turns darker, and his portrait looks ugly. In paranoia, Dorian destroys his portrait and dies. In the lifetime of Oscar Wilde, “The Picture of Dorian Gray” has been a very scandalous read. Today, the book is interpreted as hedonism, dandy lifestyle and psychological decay.

Thanks to the band!

I am very proud of the arrangement and composition of “Dorian Gray”. This song offers everything a progressive metal song needs. I am very lucky to collaborate with an international dream team. You may know I AM MEADOWS (vocals) from “Don’t tell me if it hurts”, and Chad Lenig (drums) from “Wrench In The Works”. I dig Against The Tempest (guitar, bass) metal core song a lot. You turned this song into a badass beast I could never think of. Thanks a lot! I bet that these heavy riffs and shouts will hit you super hard.

Nadine de Macedo feat. I AM MEADOWS - Dorian Gray
Nadine de Macedo feat. I AM MEADOWS – Dorian Gray

Nuff said. You can listen to our song on YouTube and SoundCloud. The lyrics are full of explicit content and is not safe for work. If you dare, listen loud!

If you ever wondered where I got this illustration from: I’ve drawn it. I couldn’t resist drawing a picture of Dorian Gray while talking about this book. Unfortunately, I forgot to record the process. Drawing this pictures took about 6 hours. For the cover, I wanted it to look like a movie poster.

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