Nadine de Macedo feat. Roman Wreden - A.L.E.X.
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A.L.E.X. – All lies excused with ecstasy

Shortly before Christmas, I release one of my most challenging songs ever. “A.L.E.X.” is both a name and an acronym for “all lies excused with ecstasy”. It’s an orchestral pop ballad about a young man, who gave up all hope and ended up badly. Not only the lyrics are challenging, it’s the whole song…

I don’t know why I wrote a song about drug abuse in my teenage years. The phrase came into my head together with its name. The story is pure fiction, but the melody convinced me so much, that I had to turn it into a song. When I wrote “A.L.E.X.”, I have been into electronic music production. My vision was years ahead of everything I could perform, program, arrange or produce. I was able to nail a MIDI sketch, but I lacked of all means to realize it.

I did not give up – and it paid off!

After 15 years of hard work, I grew as a person and musician both. I suddenly realized, that I’ve been too young to understand the meaning of the lyrics. I also lacked of important skills in arrangement and production. But now, after working with plenty of talented musicians from all over the world and all genre you can imagine, I am closer to turn my vision into reality. Thank you so much for teaming up and doing this hell of a song justice, Roman, Alex and Chad. Special thanks go to Thomas, Stefan, Rüdiger and everyone who believed in me and this song.

Nadine de Macedo feat. Roman Wreden - A.L.E.X.
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You can listen to “A.L.E.X.” on YouTube and SoundCloud. The background story of this song is so fascinating and unusual, that I’ll write another blogpost on this. “A.L.E.X.” will be part of my upcoming studio album, together with all songs I produced during the last months.

More to come after the holidays. Stay safe and have a nice time.

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