Nadine de Macedo & Michael Karns - Going My Way
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Going My Way – Turmoils of a new beginning

My new song “Going My Way” is about overcoming turmoil and welcoming new beginnings. We have recorded an indie pop song in a full band consisting of drums, bass, guitars, piano, synths and vocals. This song has a special meaning, because it’s the official start for my 4th studio album.

In contrast to my other songs, “Going My Way” has been written according to instinct. I did not think much about chord progressions and melodies, just played my piano. The result is an indie pop song with a catchy riff, complex chords and lots of room for improvisation. After uploading the sketch, Michael had a melody for vocals and lyrics in mind. Some days later, we were a full band with Garry on the guitars, Robert on drums and bass and me on the keys. It’s been a long time, that I played piano on one of my songs, and it was fun to practise. Together we carved out some cool grooves and melodies. I’m sure, that this song does not get boring in the third or fourth listen, since each instrument does something on its own.

Nadine de Macedo feat. Michael Karns - Going My Way
Listen to Nadine de Macedo feat. Michael Karns – Going My Way on YouTube.

“Going my way” is about someone who is leaving a relationship that is not working, and feels stunned, and half crazy. While at the same time stepping out into the unknown, and seeking another day while trying to stay above the storm clouds. It is emotional, and yet hopeful. As stated above, this song will be part of my 4th studio album. I can’t tell about my plans now, but they will be musically diverse.

Thank you for being part of this project. It has been lots of fun to work with other methods on songwriting, recording and arranging.


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